Ever since Large Bertha was created years back, Callaway has not slowed down lower and it has created great golf equipment since. The brand new Callaway RAZR is certainly no exception. With three different RAZR models to select from, this may be the greatest modification Callaway has been doing for their driver design since Large Bertha. Its enhanced technology permitted Callaway to evenly distribute the weight that the gym has mind to get this to driver more balanced and comfy to swing. Callaway claims the beginning golfers were really impressed with this particular motorist, as the medium-handicap golfers gave it kudos and also the experienced golfers equally loved and resented this driver.


Compared to many motorists currently available as the Callaway Razr Fit Driver is much more forgiving. It could feel just a little heavy, but when you mishit the ball, you are going to get comparable quantity of distance you'd should you go to the sweet place. It offers a superior just a little feedback on mishits also it sounds good whenever you go to the driver properly. A lot of golfers who choose this driver will be the high-to medium -handicap golfers. However, many experienced golfers will enjoy it too.

The Good

With its great feel and seem when striking the ball, the Callaway RAZR driver is unquestionably among the finest motorists currently available. It includes a high launch position and shoots the ball from the face when creating good contact. Mishits could be prevented more often than not because of the large sweet place and it is carry distance being somewhat just like whenever you create a good hit. The forgiveness is exactly what the start golfers are clamouring for with one of these motorists. Its distance is consistent and you are going to understand how far you hit this driver every time you tee up. Additionally, it flies inside a straighter path once the ball is struck correctly.

The Bad

One factor bad relating to this driver may be the carry distance. It's not just like exactly what the other motorists might bring. Its carry distance may be consistent, however it certainly could be a lot better. Its roll distance is also limited because its launch position is greater than other motorists. Some from the more knowledgeable golfers have were not impressed with the workability from the RAZR driver as being a little hard to manipulate. The weight leaves a great deal to be preferred based on some golfers however the driver does have good balance. The MSRP is $399 and it is range is very pricey for any club that may generally underperform than is anticipated.

Bottom Line

Beginners to average golfers will like this driver, however with its cost range, the start golfers should not buy this driver until they've learned all of the fundamentals of the swing and therefore are striking the basketball consistently. The beginners may use this like a good step-up driver to transfer to the moment they striking the ball consistently. The consistency and feel from the club is exactly what the typical golfers will enjoy, however the experienced golfers could another driver with increased workability if they have to cut shots or draw shots when they have to.